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Global MDG Challenge

2.5 billion with no sanitation
1.75 billion to be served by 2015

450 million new installations by 2015

15,000 installations per hour to 2015



Revised and Enlarged Edition of "Ecological Sanitation" 2004

Complete Book [PDF; 1.21 MB] :: Order form for the Chinese version [PDF; 65kb]

Urban and peri-urban areas in developing countries are among the worst polluted and disease ridden habitats of the world. Much of this pollution is caused by inadequate sanitation services. As cities expand and populations increase, the situation will grow worse and the need for safe, sustainable and affordable sanitation systems will be even more critical. Existing approaches to sanitation are neither viable nor affordable to the vast majority of people.

This book is about seeking new solutions in the form of "ecological sanitation". The book discusses what is currently known about ecological sanitation systems, their strengths and weaknesses. It gives advice on how to make such systems work with regard to the selection, design and management of devices as well as about the promotion and support aspects so necessary to their success.

Ecological Sanitation is intended for all who share the will to explore new ways of tackling urban sanitation systems.


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