Assainissement productif à Aguié

Productive Sanitation in Aguié



Niger Crop Model for Millet

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The purpose of this model is to provide information on crop productivity increases from using treated urine (Takin Ruwa) as fertilizer as compared unfertilized for growing millet.

To use the model, click on the yellow-shade box directly to the right of the text “Click here to begin! >>”. This will show a drop-down menu. Select a variable type and then enter the value for the variable. Repeat this for the second variable and the model will display the results.

The model is built in Excel and consists of two spreadsheets: the model and the data. The sheets are locked to provide the best user experience, but there is no password so users are welcome to unlock the sheets and examine the calculations and data. There is a small macro that resets the variable type and value when the user changes the first variable. Depending on the software you use to open the spreadsheet, the user may have to allow the macro to run.

The model is built to be as self-explanatory as possible, and most users will find all the information they need to use the model already available within the Excel file.






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