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Global MDG Challenge

2.5 billion with no sanitation
1.75 billion to be served by 2015

450 million new installations by 2015

15,000 installations per hour to 2015



EcoSanRes II activities in Bolivia

Agua Tuya in Cochabamba, Bolivia, has for a long time worked successfully in setting up water supply schemes for peri-urban communities outside and bordering to the municipal water and wastewater jurisdiction in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Agua Tuya is now piloting sanitation, trying out dry urine diversion with separate greywater treatment and reuse of human excreta, as a complement to their water supply schemes. EcoSanRes II is co-financing this initiative, together with SNV. Click here to learn more about Agua Tuya and their sustainable sanitation project.

Agua Tuya has also hosted an ESR II-financed workshop on dry sanitation. The workshop was held between April 11-16, 2007 at the Hotel Anteus of Cochabamba. Mr Enrique Torrico from the Vice Ministerio de Servicio Básicos held the opening speech on April 11. Expert facilitation on dry sanitation was offered during the workshop by Sarar Transformación, from Tepoztlàn, Mexico. People from Viceministerio de Servicios Básicos, Agua Tuya, A-Sud, CARE, SeVI, CODIS, FHI, Fundación ProHabitat, UNASBVI (Prefectura de Oruro), Prosalud, Sumaj Huasi, UNICEF, and Water for People were present at the workshop.

A participant in the dry sanitation workshop in Cochabamba, Bolivia


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