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Teaching ecological sanitation at the Chisungu Primary School, Epworth, Zimbabwe

A fieldnote report from Annie Shangwa, Aquamor, Zimbabwe

Excerpts from the report:

About the school:

The Chisungu Primary school, one of the largest in Zimbabwe, with an enrolment of 2400 pupils, has been involved as a field base for testing and evaluating water and sanitation technologies since the early 1980’s. It is one of a number of primary and secondary schools located in Epworth, a peri-urban settlement close to Harare, which serves over 100 000 people.

How did this project come about?

In 2008 a decision was made to investigate practical methods of introducing the concept of ecological sanitation to a school in Zimbabwe, in collaboration with the EcoSanRes project at the Stockholm Environment Institute in Sweden. The school environment was chosen since schools are the major centres of learning worldwide, teachers enthusiastic and pupils eager to learn new things. The school is an obvious choice for spreading new ideas. The project was seen as a research and pilot study – to evaluate what could be done in a primary school setting.


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