2007 International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation
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Welcome to the official website of the 2007
International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation:
Eco-Cities and Villages

26-31 August 2007

Conference News
Night-time in Dongsheng
Full Conference Programme
The full conference programme is now available online!
[English PDF 285kb :: Chinese/中文 PDF 293kb]

Updated Schedule for the Training Workshop on 31 August
The updated schedule is now available for the ICSS training workshop on 31 August: Workshop Schedule [PDF: 101kb]

Last day to issue visa invitation letters: 1 August 2007
The conference secretariat will continue to accept registrations for the conference until 15 August 2007. However, the Dongsheng Government will no longer be issuing visa invitation letters after 1 August 2007. If you register for the conference after 1 August 2007, a Chinese visa is your own responsibility. In order to attend the conference in China, you will need to apply for a tourist visa for China, either on your own or through your travel agent. Register for the conference now!

The Second Conference Announcement is available now! [PDF: 281kb]

Check-out our new FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

Background Information

Purpose of the Conference

Project implementers, practitioners and researchers within the areas of urban and rural ecological and sustainable sanitation, organic waste management and agricultural reuse are invited to share experiences and best practices at this conference in Dongsheng, China. With an expected size of over 300 participants, the conference will be a strong mix of Chinese delegates and International delegates from around the world.

The conference will also showcase the new ecotown. The Government of Dongsheng District of the Erdos Municipality together with the EcoSanRes Programme of the Stockholm Environment Institute has managed the development of a new ecotown for 3,000 inhabitants using sustainable sanitation and solid waste management practises. The ecotown, now nearing completion, has been built by Daxing Estates Company. This is the largest urban project of its kind in China and when fully operational, all fractions of waste from the households will be collected and treated onsite using an ecostation and greywater treatment plant. The organic products and water will be reused in agriculture.

The original conference announcement is available here [PDF: 44kb]

About Dongsheng

Dongsheng is a fast-growing city of presently about 430,000 inhabitants situated in the semi-arid zone of northern China about 100km south of the Yellow River at Baotou. Dongsheng is the largest district of Erdos Municipality with a population of about 1.4 million inhabitants. The area receives an annual precipitation of about 400mm with an evapo-transpiration potential of about 3,000mm. This is a water-stressed region where ground water is the only significant source of water. A 100 km-long pipeline from the Yellow River is under construction to provide supplemental water supply. Sanitation and solid waste remain major sectors lacking sustainable development. The main industrial activities are coal mining and transportation, and cashmere wool garments manufacturing.

Climate of Dongsheng

In late August the climate of Dongsheng is comfortable with high temperatures of 20-25 degrees centigrade and lows of 15 degrees centigrade.
Landscape around Dongsheng
Dongsheng EcoSan Project
Factsheet on the Erdos Eco-Town Project (Download the PDF: 214kb)

Dongsheng Project
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