2007 International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation
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Organizing Committee
Honorable Chairman Chairman Vice-Chairman
Scientific Committee
Sida (Swedish International Development Agency)
China State Environmental Protection Administration
Government of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region
China Ministry of Construction
Supporting Organizations
China National Development and Reform Commission
China Ministry of Health
China Ministry of Science and Technology
China Ministry of Agriculture
China National Tourism Administration
China Water Supply Association
China Red Cross Society
Erdos Municipality
All-China Environment Federation
Stockholm Environment Institute
GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit)
Ghengis Khan Statue
   How much does the conference cost?
   How do I get to Dongsheng, Inner Mongolia?
   How do I get a visa for China?
  What is sustainable sanitation?
   What is ecological sanitation?

How much does the conference cost?

There are three different cost options for the conference: 2300 RMB, 2900 RMB, and 3450 RMB.  Hotel, materials, all meals and local transfers are all included in the price.  The 2300 RMB option is for the conference, with four-nights hotel accommodation.  The 2900 RMB option is for the conference, plus a full-day of local excursions, with five-nights hotel accommodation. The 3450 RMB option is for the conference, plus a full-day of local excursions, plus a full-day ecosan training workshop, with six-nights hotel accommodation.



How do I get to Dongsheng, Inner Mongolia?

The easiest way to get to Dongsheng, Inner Mongolia is by airplane via Beijing (PEK) and Baotou (BAV).  The nearest airport to Dongsheng is in Baotou, Inner Mongolia.  Ground transfers to and from the Baotou airport take about one hour and are included in the conference fee for all participants. There are five flights per day from Beijing to Baotou with Air China.



How do I get a visa for China?

An invitation letter from the Dongsheng Government is required to get a visa for China.  Once you have successfully registered for the conference, this invitation letter will be sent to you from China. You must apply for the Chinese visa at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate in your current country of residence.  Processing time and fees vary by country.  All costs associated with the Chinese visa are the responsibility of the participants.



What is sustainable sanitation?

Sustainable sanitation protects and promotes human health, does not contribute to environmental degradation or depletion of the resource base, is technically and institutionally appropriate, economically viable and socially acceptable.



What is ecological sanitation?

Ecological sanitation has 4 main characteristics: source separation of urine, faeces and greywater; containment of each product; sanitisation and treatment; and recycling of the nutrients, humus and water to soil and agricultural systems.  


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