2007 International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation
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Proceedings - Presentations
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The conference presentations have been sorted by session and time.  All presentations have been saved to a PDF format and can be downloaded.  Most presentations are available in both English and Chinese, but a small number are only available in either English or Chinese, and five presentations are not yet available for download. 


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Presentations: 28 August 14:00-15:30, Room #1
Title: Dry Ecological Sanitation Alternative in Tanzania
Presenter: Alfred Shayo
Author(s): Alfred J. Shayo Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control Organization (EEPCO), P.O. Box 7018, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Email: shayoalf " at " excite.com

Presentation PDF
English: 364 kb
Chinese: 467 kb
Title: Sustainability Assessment on Ecological Sanitation (Ecosan) System for Low-Income Areas in Indonesia
Presenter: Almy F Malisie
Author(s): Almy Malisie* (1); Maria Prihandrijanti (2); Ralf Otterpohl (1) (1) Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Eissendorferstrasse 42, 21073 Hamburg, Germany. Email: amalisie " at " gmx.de* (* corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 592 kb
Chinese: 919 kb
Title: Challenges on Popularizing Ecological Sanitation Technology in Sri Lankan Culture
Presenter: Deepthi Sumanasekera
Author(s): Deepthi Upul Sumanasekera* (1); A.M.K.J.Attanayaka (2) (1) 24, Maithree Mawatha, Watapuluwa, Kandy, Sri Lanka. Email: deepthirws " at " eureka.lk* (*corresponding author) (2) Rathna Sevana, Niyambepola, Medawala (H.P.), Sri Lanka. Email: kaushaljeevaka " at " yahoo

Presentation PDF
English: 1503 kb
Chinese: 1519 kb
Title: Potential, Challeng and Strategy of Ecosan Development in China
Presenter: WANG Rusong
Author(s): WANG Rusong

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Presentation PDF
English: 1250 kb
Presentations: 28 August 14:00-15:30, Room #2
Title: Closing De Loop: Promoting the Use of Dry Toilet and Human Excreta to Save Water and Produce Food at Family Level in Rural Mexico
Presenter: Alberto Ysunza Ogazón
Author(s): Alberto Ysunza-Ogazón*; Laurencio López Núńez; María Enriqueta Martínez Murillo Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición, Salvador Zubirán. Vasco de Quiroga No. 15, Col. Sección XVI, Tlalpan 14000, D. F. México. Email: ceciproc " at " laneta.apc.org*

Presentation PDF
English: 3539 kb
Chinese: 3560 kb

Title: From Food to Food- Rural Sustainable Sanitation
Presenter: Amrik Kalsi
Author(s): Amrik Kalsi sustainabilityAFRICA. PO Box 274 Nairobi 00621, Kenya. Email: amrikkalsi " at " wananchi.co

Presentation PDF
English: 1422 kb

Title: Ecosan Model Village: An Integrated Benefit Analysis of a Village-Based Ecosystem
Presenter: LI Lingling
Author(s): LI Lingling and LIN Jiang

Presentation PDF

Title: Investigation and Evaluation of the Current Status of Household Usage of Sanitary Toilets in the Villages of Shaanxi Province
Presenter: LI Zifu
Author(s): LI Zifu and LI Weifei

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Presentation PDF

Presentations: 28 August 14:00-15:30, Room #3
Title: The Gender Sensitivity and Health Risk Potential of Ecological Sanitation (ecosan) in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Marondera Rural District
Presenter: Edward Guzha
Author(s): Zvikomborero Hoko (1), Edward Guzha* (2); Bloodless Dzwairo (3); Rudo Angela Sanyanga (3); Nomathemba Neseni (3) (1) Civil Engineering Department, University of Zimbabwe, PO Box MP167, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe. Email: hook " at " eng.ac.co.zw (2) Rain

Presentation PDF
English: 506 kb
Chinese: 234 kb

Title: A Comparative Study Evaluating the Health Outcomes of Sanitation, Water and Hygiene Education in eThekwini Municipality, Durban, South Africa
Presenter: Renuka Lutchminarayan
Author(s): Renuka Devi Lutchminarayan* (1); Stephen E. Knight (2); Thor Axel Stenström (3) (1) EThekwini Municipality, Durban: P.O. Box 1904. Umhlanga Rocks. 4320. KwaZulu-Natal. South Africa. Email: renukal " at " iafrica.com (* corresponding author) (2) Nelson R Mand

Presentation PDF
English: 552 kb
Chinese: 404 kb

Title: WASH in Schools: A Holistic Action on Better Hygiene Behaviour and Healthy Environment in Kerala, India
Presenter: Roy Kunjappy
Author(s): Roy Kunjappy Centre for Community Health Research, Sadanathil bungalow, Vettikavala, Kottarakara, Kerala-691 538, India. Email: roycchr " at " satyam.net.in

Presentation PDF
English: 216 kb
Chinese: 296 kb

Title: The Importance of Education and Training in Ecosan Projects
Presenter: XU Zhe
Author(s): XU Zhe

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Presentation PDF
English: 563 kb
Chinese: 563 kb

Presentations: 28 August 14:00-15:30, Room #4
Title: Role of Informal Solid Waste Management Sector and Possibilities of Integration: The Case of Amritsar City, India
Presenter: Kiran Sandhu
Author(s): Kiran Sandhu Guru Ramdas School of Planning, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar-143001, India. Email: kiransandhu13 " at " yahoo.com

Presentation PDF
English: 662 kb
Chinese: 731 kb

Title: Pro-Poor Sanitation and Water Initiatives in Kathmandu Valley
Presenter: Roshan Raj Shrestha
Author(s): Roshan Raj Shrestha* (1); Andre Dzikus (2); Anjali Manandhar Sherpa (1); Rajesh Manandhar (1) (1) Water for Asian Cities Programme- Nepal, UN HABITAT, UN House, Pulchowk. P.O.Box 107 Kathmandu, Nepal. Email: roshan.shrestha " at " unhabitat.org.np* (*corresp

Presentation PDF
English: 1759 kb
Chinese: 1819 kb

Title: Adopt the Concept of Ecological Sanitation, Promote the Construction of Eco-Toilets
Presenter: PAN Xunchang
Author(s): PAN Xunchang

Presentation PDF

Title: Sustainable Household Wastewate Treatment in Cities and Villages
Presenter: LIU Shunyan
Author(s): LIU Shunyan

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Presentation PDF
English: 1032 kb

Presentations: 28 August 16:00-17:30, Room #1
Title: Assessing People’s Attitudes and Perceptions on Human Waste: A Social Acceptability Research in Barangay Ithan, Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines
Presenter: Kevin Roy Serrona
Author(s): Kevin Roy B. Serrona*; Jeong-soo Yu Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Graduate School of International Cultural Studies, Tohoku University, 41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576, Japan. Email: krserrona " at " yahoo.com*

Presentation PDF
English: 653 kb
Chinese: 713 kb

Title: Research and Application of Ecological Sanitation System in Villages and Towns in Suburban Beijing
Presenter: WANG Huansheng
Author(s): WANG Huansheng

Presentation PDF
English: 3818 kb

Title: A Few Thoughts on the Application of Ecosan System in Tourist Areas
Presenter: ZHANG Ling
Author(s): ZHANG Ling and HUANG Changbin

Presentation PDF
English: 130 kb

Title: Overview of Ecosan Technology Development in Rural China in the Past Decade
Presenter: WANG Junqi
Author(s): WANG Junqi

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Presentation PDF

Presentations: 28 August 16:00-17:30, Room #2
Title: The Study on Ecological Sanitation Systems in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
Presenter: Anesi Mahenge
Author(s): Anesi Mahenge* (1); K.N Njau (2); E.J. Chaggu (3) (1) Waste Stabilization Ponds and Constructed Wetlands Research Project, P.O Box 35131, COET, University of Dar-es-Salaam, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Email: anesimahenge " at " yahoo.com* (*corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 376 kb
Chinese: 336 kb

Title: Bayawan City Adopts Ecosan as a Tool in Health and Environmental Management
Presenter: Gerry Sarańa
Author(s): German P. Sarańa, Jr. City Mayor’s Office, City Hall, Bayawan City, Province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. Email: mayor " at " bayawancity.gov.ph

Presentation PDF
English: 1858 kb
Chinese: 4654 kb

Title: Application of Ecological and Conventional Sanitation System in Cities and Towns in Northern China
Presenter: ZHOU Lu
Author(s): ZHOU Lu and LI Jian

Presentation PDF
English: 359 kb

Title: Policy and Measure Considerations for Application of Ecological Sanitation System (source separation) in Urban Area of Northern China
Presenter: LI Jian
Author(s): LI Jian and ZHOU Lu

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Presentation PDF
English: 782 kb

Presentations: 28 August 16:00-17:30, Room #3
Title: Household-Level Composting: Linking Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture to Medicinal Plant Cultivation and Environmental Sanitation: An Experimental Study Carried-Out in Fako Division South West Province, Cameroon
Presenter: Ndjomguem Tuma Clement Pierre
Author(s): Ndjomguem Tuma Clement Pierre "SAVE THE NATURE" NGO. P O Box 51 Buea, SWP., Cameroon. Email: savethenature_cam " at " yahoo.com, ndjomguemtcp " at " yahoo.com

Presentation PDF
English: 297 kb
Chinese: 353 kb

Title: Assessing the Effect of Human Urine in Composting
Presenter: Pragya Shrestha
Author(s): Pragya Shrestha Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), New Baneshwor, P.O. Box 4102, Kathmandu, Nepal. Email: reji_1 " at " hotmail.com

Presentation PDF
English: 1022 kb
Chinese: 237 kb

Title: Composting and Solarization Applied in Sanitization of Anaerobic Sewage Sludge Used as Substrate for Senna Siamea Lam Seedlings Production
Presenter: Ronaldo Faustino
Author(s): Ronaldo Faustino*; Sávia Gavazza; Lourdinha Florencio; Mario T. Kato Federal University of Pernambuco, Department of Civil Engineering, Laboratory of Environmental Sanitation. Av. Acadęmico Hélio Ramos s/n. Cidade Universitária. CEP 50740-530 Recife, Per

Presentation PDF
English: 526 kb
Chinese: 585 kb

Title: Organic Solid Waste Composting and its Application in Soil Fertilization
Presenter: LI Ji
Author(s): LI Ji

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Presentation PDF
English: 2581 kb
Chinese: 2581 kb

Presentations: 28 August 16:00-17:30, Room #4
Title: Human Excreta and Food Security in South Africa
Presenter: Aussie Austin
Author(s): L M Austin*; N Moilwa; M J Wilkinson; J Crafford CSIR Built Environment Unit, P O Box 395, Pretoria, 0001 South Africa. Email: LAustin " at " csir.co.za* (* corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 104 kb
Chinese: 154 kb

Title: Dry Toilet Compost and Separated Urine as Fertilisers: Reflections to Legislation and Agricultural Practices in Finland
Presenter: Eeva-Liisa Viskari
Author(s): Eeva-Liisa Viskari* (1); Marjukka Dyer (1); Seija Haapamäki (1); Samira Hamdine (1); Jacqueline Mwakangale (1); Surendra Pradhan (2); Helvi Heinonen-Tanski (2) (1) Tampere Polytechnic, University of Applied Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Teiskontie

Presentation PDF
English: 573 kb
Chinese: 626 kb

Title: Rural Environmental Protection in China: Progress, Challenge and Strategy
Presenter: ZHANG Huiyuan
Author(s): ZHANG Huiyuan and WANG Xiahui

Presentation PDF
English: 2838 kb

Title: Ecosan: New Concepts of Sustainable Nutrients Management
Presenter: MA Wenling
Author(s): MA Wenling

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Presentation PDF
English: 924 kb
Chinese: 924 kb

Presentations: 29 August 08:30-10:00, Room #1
Title: AproSanidad Melaque: A Pilot Towards the Implementation of a Large Scale Urban Ecosan Utility
Presenter: Juan José Del Toro
Author(s): Alfredo Tomas Ortega Ojeda; Eugene C. Bricklemyer; Juan José Del Toro* Pedro Moreno 54, Villa Obregon, Cihuatlan Jalisco CP 48980 Mexico. Email: sietesoles_56 " at " hotmail.com; bobrick " at " igc.org; jdeltoro1973 " at " yahoo.com* (*corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 1323 kb
Chinese: 1389 kb

Title: GTZ Supported Ecosan Projects in India
Presenter: Sören Rüd
Author(s): Christine Werner ecosan program, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH, Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1-5, 65760 Eschborn, Germany Email: christine.werner " at " gtz.de

Presentation PDF
English: 1197 kb
Chinese: 1263 kb

Title: Mixed Sanitation Solutions for Sustainable Urban Environment in Kenya: From Concepts to Reality
Presenter: David Kuria
Author(s): David Kuria P.O Box 24045-00100, Nairobi, Kenya. Email: david.kuria " at " practicalaction.or.ke; kamaukuria " at " gmail.com

Presentation PDF
English: 6451 kb

Title: Research on Regional Ecological Benefit of the Ecosan Technology: a Scenario Analysis Based on Cities in Loss Plateau of China
Presenter: ZHOU Chuanbin
Author(s): ZHOU Chuanbin

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Presentation PDF
English: 815 kb
Chinese: 869 kb

Presentations: 29 August 08:30-10:00, Room #2
Title: Ecological Sanitation for Chepangs in Nepal
Presenter: Binaya Raj Shrestha
Author(s): Binaya Raj Shrestha Practical Action Nepal. 750 Pandole Marg, Lazimpat, PO Box: 15135, Kathmandu, Nepal. Email: binaya.shrestha " at " pacticalaction.org.np

Presentation PDF
English: 181 kb
Chinese: 249 kb

Title: Ecological Sanitation in Rural Armenia
Presenter: Emma Anakhasyan
Author(s): Elena Manvelyan (1); Emma Anakhasyan* (1); Knarik Grigoryan (1); Lilik Simonyan (1); Gero Fedke (2); Margriet Samvel (2); Sascha Gabizon (2) (1) AWHHE (Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment), 24D, Baghramyan Ave., room 609, 0019, Yerevan, Arm

Presentation PDF
English: 354 kb
Chinese: 394 kb

Title: Potentials and Challenges in Ecological Sanitation in the Northern Areas (Baltistan) of Pakistan
Presenter: Natasha Webster
Author(s): Bahadar Nawab* (1); Cassandra Bergstrřm (2) (1) Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad, Pakistan. Email: bnawabkk " at " yahoo.com* (*corresponding author) (2) Associate Professor,

Presentation PDF
English: 900 kb
Chinese: 872 kb

Title: Experiences and Lessons of Promoting Urine Diversion Dry Toilet in the Dianchi Drainage Basin
Presenter: LIU Liping
Author(s): LIU Liping

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Presentation PDF
English: 202 kb
Chinese: 288 kb

Presentations: 29 August 08:30-10:00, Room #3
Title: Sustainability and Credibility of Addis Ababa’s Eco-City Projects in Addressing the City’s Environmental Concern
Presenter: Tsion Lemma
Author(s): Liku Workalemahu (1); Tsion Lemma* (2) (1) Addis Ababa City Government, City Manager's Office, Urban Planning Preparation and Inspection Department, P.O. Box 2647 AA, Ethiopia. Email: likuworkalemahu " at " yahoo.com (2) Addis Ababa City Government, City Manage

Presentation PDF
English: 377 kb
Chinese: 444 kb

Title: An Investigation Report on the Pig Streptococcus Epidemic and Biogas Construction in Yanjiang District, Ziyang, Sichuan
Presenter: ZHEN Shixuan
Author(s): ZHEN Shixuan

Presentation PDF
English: 768 kb
Chinese: 853 kb

Title: Ten Models of New Countryside Ecological Sanitation Development in Nanning City
Presenter: ZHOU Yunxin
Author(s): ZHOU Yunxin

Presentation PDF
English: 3923 kb
Chinese: 4042 kb

Title: Eco-Community: the Host of Ecological Sanitation
Presenter: GAO Jixi
Author(s): GAO Jixi

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Presentation PDF
English: 1326 kb
Chinese: 1391 kb

Presentations: 29 August 08:30-10:00, Room #4
Title: Attitudes and Sustainability: Myths and Realities
Presenter: Ezatollah Karami
Author(s): Ezatollah Karami Department of Agricultural Extension, College of Agriculture, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran. Email: ekarami " at " shirazu.ac.ir

Presentation PDF
English: 254 kb
Chinese: 283 kb

Title: Serving Eco-City Development in Shanghai: Building a Modern and Ecological Chongmin Island
Presenter: HUANG Shenfa
Author(s): HUANG Shenfa

Presentation PDF
English: 2205 kb

Title: Practice and Reflection on Eco-City Construction in Yangzhou City
Presenter: XU Hongxi
Author(s): XU Hongxi

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Presentation PDF
English: 7245 kb
Chinese: 7346 kb

Presentations: 29 August 10:30-12:00, Room #1
Title: Ecosan in Ouagadougou: Sustainable Sanitation Supporting Decentralisation and Community Empowerment
Presenter: Anselme Vodounhessi
Author(s): Anselme Vodounhessi* (1); Patrick Bracken (2) (1) CREPA, Coordinator Projet Ecosan_UE, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Email: ansvodhess " at " yahoo.fr* (*corresponding author) (2) c/o EIRENE, B.P. 549, Niamey, République du Niger

Presentation PDF
English: 1464 kb
Chinese: 1548 kb

Title: Ecological Sanitation in Bangladesh
Presenter: M. Habibur Rahman
Author(s): M. Habibur Rahman Professor of Civil/Environmental Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. Email: habibr " at " ce.buet.ac.bd; habibr82 " at " hotmail.com

Presentation PDF
English: 333 kb
Chinese: 394 kb

Title: Challenge and Business Opportunity of Wastewater Treatment in China
Presenter: CHEN Qing
Author(s): CHEN Qing

Presentation PDF
English: 4001 kb
Chinese: 4106 kb

Title: Comparative Study of the Vacuum Source Separation Sanitation System and the Conventional Sewage System in Urban Residential Area
Presenter: WANG Jun
Author(s): WANG Jun and JIA Haifeng

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Presentation PDF

Presentations: 29 August 10:30-12:00, Room #2
Title: Puzhehei Upper Watershed Eco-Sanitation Project: Overview, Experience and Lessons
Presenter: Henry Voigt
Author(s): YANG Liqiong (1), Henry Voigt* (2) (1) Yunnan Institute of Environmental Science, Wang Jia Ba 23, Kunming 650034, Yunnan Province, China. Email: liqiong.yang " at " googlemail.com (2) Yunnan Environmental Protection Bureau, Room 213, Xi Yuan Nan Lu 27, Kunming

Presentation PDF
English: 704 kb
Chinese: 765 kb

Title: Ecological Sanitation in Yuvientsa - Amazonian Region of Ecuador
Presenter: Jenny Aragundy
Author(s): Jenny Aragundy Ciudadela Jardines del Pichincha, Pasaje B, N63-204, Quito, Ecuador. Email: jaragundy " at " ecosanlac.org; jennyaragundy " at " gmail.com

Presentation PDF
English: 2173 kb
Chinese: 2218 kb

Title: The Importance of Delivering the Right Educational Message: An Anthropological Study About Ecosan Toilets in the Bolivian Andean Region
Presenter: Leonardo Sanabria
Author(s): Leonardo Sanabria*; Thomas Sonntag; Miriam Vargas Land and Water Bolivia Ltda, P.O. BOX 8065, Correo Central, La Paz, Bolivia. Email: sanabrial " at " landandwaterbolivia.com* (*corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 356 kb
Chinese: 427 kb

Title: Current State of Rural Water Environment in Drinking Water Sources and Response Strategy in Western Sichuan Province
Presenter: SHI Beilei
Author(s): SHI Beilei and MA Rong

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Presentation PDF
English: 1914 kb
Chinese: 2040 kb

Presentations: 29 August 10:30-12:00, Room #3
Title: Bio-Solid Recycling in Warm Climates: Cario and Alexandria Sludge Reuse Studies
Presenter: Ezzat Mohamed Abd El Lateef
Author(s): E.M.Abd El Lateef* (1); J.E. Hall (2); S.R. Smith (3); A. A Farrag (1); M. M Selim (1) (1) National Research Centre, Agriculture Division, Cairo, Egypt. Email: ezzatlateef " at " yahoo.com*, farrag_a " at " hotmail.com, selim_family " at " hotmail.com (* corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 276 kb
Chinese: 367 kb

Title: Evaluation of Human Urine as a Source of Nutrients for Selected Vegetables and Maize under Tunnel House Conditions in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Presenter: Pearson Mnkeni
Author(s): P. N. S. Mnkeni* (1); F. R. Kutu (1); P. Muchaonyerwa (1); L.M. Austin (2) (1) Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, University of Fort Hare, PB X1314 Alice, 5700, South Africa. Email: pmnkeni " at " ufh.ac.za* (* corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 286 kb
Chinese: 348 kb

Title: A Farmer Approach Is Needed to Ensure a Sustainable and Hygienic Use of Human Excreta in Agriculture in Vietnam
Presenter: Pham Duc Phuc
Author(s): Pham Duc Phuc* (1), Peter Kjćr Jensen (2); Line Gram Knudsen (2); Flemming Konradsen (2); Anders Dalsgaard (3) (1) National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. 1 Yersin Street, Hanoi, Vietnam. Email: pdphuc72 " at " yahoo.com * (* corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 507 kb
Chinese: 542 kb

Title: Turning Urban Wastes into Wealth: Ecological and Public Health Implications of Use of Waste Water and Organic Waste in Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture in Zaria Urban Area, Nigeria
Presenter: Sani Mashi
Author(s): Sani .A. Mashi* (1); S. Yakubu (2); S. Sani (1); M.M. Alhassan (1) (1) Department of Geography, University of Abuja, PMB 117 Abuja, Nigeria. Email: sanimashi2000 " at " yahoo.com* (* corresponding author) (2) Department of Geography, Federal College of Education

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Presentation PDF
English: 168 kb
Chinese: 247 kb

Presentations: 29 August 10:30-12:00, Room #4
Title: Study on the Use of Urine from Eco-Toilets in Agricultural Farming and Co-Composting with Solid Waste
Presenter: K.S. Lokesh
Author(s): D. Istalingamurthy (1); K.S. Lokesh* (1); T.P. Halappa Gowda (1); R. Bhaskara Reddy (2) (1) Department of Environmental Engineering, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore - 570 006, Karnataka, India. Email: dil_env " at " yahoo.co.in

Presentation PDF
English: 484 kb
Chinese: 534 kb

Title: Composting of Municipal Solid Wastes in Sri Lanka: Experiences from Colombo Municipality Area
Presenter: Mohamed Aheeyar
Author(s): M.M.M. Aheeyar Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute, PO Box 1522, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Email: hartiiar " at " sltnet.lk, aheeyar " at " yahoo.co.in

Presentation PDF
English: 224 kb
Chinese: 267 kb

Title: Compost for Food Security and Mitigation Measure to Environmental Sanitation Degradation
Presenter: Nabalema Carolyne Esther
Author(s): Nabalema Carolyne Esther Katosi Women Development Trust, P.O. Box 33292, Kampala, Uganda. Email: katosi " at " utlonline.co.ug; carkitester " at " yahoo.com

Presentation PDF
English: 1705 kb
Chinese: 800 kb

Title: Effect of Vermicomposting on the Presence of Helminth Ova (Necator americanus, Trichuris trichiura, Ascaris lumbricoides) in Human Feces
Presenter: Michael Nuesca
Author(s): Michael Z. Nuesca* (1); Stephen O. Lee (2); Lasse Trappe (2); Robert J. Holmer (2) (1) Xavier University College of Agriculture, 9000 Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Email: ekimskie " at " yahoo.com* (* corresponding author) (2) Periurban Vegetable Project

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Presentation PDF
English: 3274 kb
Chinese: 252 kb

Presentations: 29 August 14:00-15:30, Room #1
Title: Resource Recovery and Utilisation of Bioorganic Waste (BMW): An Integrated Element of an Ecologically Sound and Sustainable City Development in China
Presenter: Bernhard Raninger
Author(s): Bernhard Raninger (1)*; LI Rundong (2); LUO Xiaosung (2) (1) Institute of Clean Energy & Environmental Engineering (ICEEE), Key Laboratory for Clean Energy (LNKLCE)., Hangkong University, No. 37. Daoyi South Street, 1100136 Shenyang, China

Presentation PDF
English: 1910 kb
Chinese: 1910 kb

Title: Acceptability and Perceptions of EcoSan in Poor Urban Set-Up in Rwanda: The Case of Butare Town
Presenter: Jean Claude Mugunga
Author(s): Jean Claude Mugunga* (1); J.C Mwitende (2); C. Rusangwa (3) (1) Rwanda Village Concept Project (RVCP). Faculty of Medicine, National University of Rwanda PO Box 30 Butare, Rwanda. Email: jcmugunga " at " yahoo.fr*; rvcp_vcoordinator " at " rwanda-vcp.org (*corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 419 kb
Chinese: 478 kb

Title: Ecolocigal Sanitation within GTZ’s Main Building in Eschborn: A Demonstration and Research Project
Presenter: Sören Rüd
Author(s): Christine Werner*, Sören Rüd ecosan program, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH, Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1-5, 65760 Eschborn, Germany. Email: christine.werner " at " gtz.de* (* corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 697 kb
Chinese: 747 kb

Title: Necessity and Feasibility of Implementing Ecosan System in China's Urbanization
Presenter: ZHANG Jian
Author(s): ZHANG Jian

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Presentation PDF
English: 1678 kb
Chinese: 1678 kb

Presentations: 29 August 14:00-15:30, Room #2
Title: CREPA in the Process of Scaling-Up Ecological Sanitation in West and Central Africa
Presenter: Linus Dagerskog
Author(s): Amah Klutse (1); Linus Dagerskog* (2) (1) CREPA Headquarters, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Email: amahklutse " at " yahoo.fr (2) CREPA, 03 BP 7112, Ouagadougou 03, Burkina Faso. Email: linusdagerskog " at " yahoo.fr* (*corresponding author)

Presentation PDF
English: 934 kb
Chinese: 953 kb

Title: Greywater Use for Agricultural Irrigation in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas
Presenter: Lumka Salukazana
Author(s): L. Salukazana (1); S. Jackson (2); M. Smith (1); T Gounden (2), N. Macleod (2); N. Rodda* (1,3); C. Buckley (1) (1) Pollution Research Group, University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban, South Africa. Email: 204524289 " at " ukzn.ac.za (2) eThekwini Municipality, Water

Presentation PDF
English: 627 kb
Chinese: 171 kb

Title: Application of Ecological Sanitation and Permaculture Techniques: Food and Water Security for Indigenous Tribes and Rural Areas in Brazil
Presenter: Paula Paulo
Author(s): Adriana F. Galbiati, Gustavo C. da Silva, Marcos V. G. Affonso and Paula L. Paulo* Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul. UFMS/CCET/DHT Cidade universitária, S/N. Caixa Postal 549, Campo Grande-MS. CEP 79.070-900, Brazil. Email: adriana.galbiati " at " gma

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English: 1620 kb
Chinese: 1696 kb

Title: From Nothingness to Sustainable Sanitation Approaches in Two Rural Growth Centers in SW Uganda: Situation, Approach, Experiences and Current Status
Presenter: Victoria Abu Atukunda
Author(s): Victoria Abu Atukunda*; Elizabeth Kobusingye Directorate of Water Development, Water and Sanitation Development Facility, P. O. Box 575, Mbarara, Uganda. Email: dawnsabigail " at " tech.mak.ac.ug*; swtws.kb " at " infocom.co.ug (* corresponding author)

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English: 762 kb
Chinese: 857 kb

Presentations: 29 August 14:00-15:30, Room #3
Title: Plan China Model of Total Sanitation
Presenter: Prakash Kumar
Author(s): Prakash Kumar WES Consultant, Plan China, 7th Floor Qin Dian International Building, 396-East Nan Er Huan, Xian-710061, Shaanxi, China. Email: prakash.kumar " at " plan-international.org

Presentation PDF
English: 527 kb
Chinese: 576 kb

Title: Integrated Eco-Village Model for Sustainable Construction
Presenter: Tag Elsir Basheer Abdalla
Author(s): Tag Elsir Basheer Abdalla National Commission of UNESCO,11111-Khartoum P.O Box 2244, Sudan. Email: proftag " at " yahoo.com; proftag " at " hotmail.com

Presentation PDF
English: 586 kb
Chinese: 622 kb

Title: Impacts of Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution on Eco-Environment and Mitigation Strategies: a Case of Ningxia Autonomous Region
Presenter: AN Weizhong
Author(s): AN Weizhong

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Chinese: 183 kb

Title: Phosphorus Rock: How Long Will the Affordable Global Reserves of Phosphorus Last?
Presenter: Arno Rosemarin
Author(s): Arno Rosemarin

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English: 774 kb
Chinese: 844 kb

Presentations: 29 August 14:00-15:30, Room #4
Title: Ecosanitation Concept in the Fergana Valley
Presenter: Shahruh Ibragimov
Author(s): Ibragimov Shahruh Central Asian Alliance for Water. 305/13 Lenina Street, 714000, Osh, Kyrgyz Republic. Email: shahosh2006 " at " rambler.ru; caawosh " at " mail.ru

Presentation PDF
English: 360 kb
Chinese: 420 kb

Title: Ecological Sanitation: A Hope for Sustainable Environmental Sanitation in Bangladesh
Presenter: Mahmuda Begum Ranu
Author(s): Md. Azahar Ali Pramanik (Presented by: Mahmuda Begum Ranu) SPACE. House # 821, Road # 05, Baitul Aman Housing Society, Adabor, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. Email: space " at " gnint.net

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Chinese: 195 kb

Title: Ecosan in the Real World: Emerging Strategies for Mainstreaming Ecosan in Mexico
Presenter: Ron Sawyer
Author(s): Ron Sawyer

Presentation PDF
English: 789 kb

Title: Toward Establishing the China Node for Sustainable Sanitation: A Scoping Study
Presenter: HAN Guoyi
Author(s): HAN Guoyi* (1); LI Lailai (1); ZHANG Renwu (2); LI Ying (1) (1) Stockholm Environment Institute, Kräftriket 2B, 10691 Stockholm, Sweden. Email: guoyi.han " at " sei.se*; lailai.li " at " sei.se; ying.li " at " sei.se (* corresponding author) (2) LEAD-China.

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