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Global MDG Challenge

2.5 billion with no sanitation
1.75 billion to be served by 2015

450 million new installations by 2015

15,000 installations per hour to 2015



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2010 News Items

  • Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox Launched. On November 1st, the Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management toolbox went online. This toolbox will answer almost all your questions on sustainable water management, sanitation, and how agriculture is linking the two of them.  Read more... (Posted: 18 November 2010)

  • Teaching ecological sanitation at the Chisungu Primary School, Epworth, Zimbabwe. A fieldnote report from Annie Shangwa, Aquamor, Zimbabwe. Read more... (Posted: 16 November 2010)

  • Independent Expert on the issue of human rights obligations related to access to safe drinking water and sanitation: Consultation with Civil Society Organizations. Geneva, 13-14 September 2010. Read more on the event...  (Posted: 16 November 2010)

  • Sanitation as a business. Issue 5 of the Sustainable Sanitation Practice newsletter from the EcoSan Club. External link to newsletter.  (Posted: 9 November 2010)

  • Seminar: No Silver Bullet – A multi-pronged approach to urban sanitation. 28 October 2010, 10:00-12:00 at Sida, Stockholm.  This is a seminar with Professor Chris Buckley explaining how the South African municipality of eThekwini (population 3.6 million) has become one of the biggest success stories in the world on urban sanitation service delivery. Read more...    (Posted: 13 October 2010)

  • Practical Guidance on the Use of Urine in Crop Production. A new ESR publication by Anna Richert, Robert Gensch, Håkan Jönsson, Thor-Axel Stenström and Linus Dagerskog. Download the publication here (PDF: 1.66MB) :: See the complete list of ESR publications. (Posted: 27 September 2010)

  • Seminar on the Perils of Peak Phosphorus: Geopolitics, Food Security, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights: Implications for Western Sahara. Report and presentations from the May 19th, 2010 seminar. Read more and download presentations... (Posted: 27 September 2010)

  • Factsheet #14: Adapting Planning Tools to the Peri-Urban Setting. Direct link to factsheet #14 :: Link to all factsheets. (Posted: 7 September 2010)

  • Breakthrough policy development in India (PDF).  In May 2010 the Ministry of Rural Development amended the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) guidelines and incorporated ecological sanitation (ecosan) as a component of the implementation plan.  In collaboration with UNICEF-India, the Indian Government and additional key actors, SEI facilitated the inclusion of the ecosan component into the TSC plan, paving the way for a nationwide implementation of more sustainable sanitation services. For more information: News item on SEI web page :: Commentary on the policy reform :: TSC Guidelines and its amendment (Posted: May 2010)

  • Proceedings from the Policy workshop for EcoSanRes nodes 24-25 August 2009 Stockholm, Sweden - Sanitation Policies and Regulatory Frameworks for Reuse of Nutrients in Wastewater, Human Excreta and Greywater. Report available here. (Posted: May 2010)

  • Erdos Workshop Report - a report on a Lessons-Learned workshop on the Dongsheng Ecotown Project, held in Beijing in December 2009. Read more... (Posted: 31 March 2010)

  • New Factsheets on the EcoSanRes Programme and on Improving Food Security. View all factsheets available for download. (Posted: 9 February 2010)

  • Toilet Talks: A Documentary on Ecological Sanitation. Produced by EcoSanRes (SEI) and IFRC. Read more and view the documentary in English, Tamil or Sinhalese. (Posted: 4 February 2010)

2009 News Items

  • Peter Morgan wins the AMCOW "AfricaSan honor for Technical Innovation". Peter Morgan's book "Toilets That Make Compost" are available in English and French and can be downloaded here. Read the official press release from the 2nd Africa Water Week. (Posted: 13 November 2009)

  • Ecological Sanitation: Revised and Enlarged Edition now available in Tamil. Our classic book is now available for download in Tamil. Download it now [PDF: 3.78MB] (Posted: 13 November 2009)

  • "Big, Sweet Tomatoes" - program, presentation, and summary from the 2009 World Water Week event. Read more... (Posted 17 September 2009)

  • NEW PUBLICATION: ESR 2009-1 "Comparing Sanitation Systems Using Sustainability Criteria" - Read more and download the publication... (Posted: 7 September 2009)

  • Proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Sustainable Sanitation in South Asia - Using SACOSAN IV, 2010 in Sri Lanka as a common platform. Read more... (Posted June 2009)

  • Evaluation of the Appropriateness of Ecological Sanitation in Relation to the Social, Cultural and Economic and Financial Context of Sri Lanka - a Unicef-funded report by Constanze WindbergRead more... (Posted: 25 March 2009)

  • Special Session on gender equity in sanitation service delivery at WWF5, Istanbul. Monday 16 March 2009, 14:30 – 18:30. Read more... (Posted: 12 March 2009)

  • "Ecological Toilets" - a new book by Peter Morgan, available now as a pre-production draft. (Posted: 5 March 2009)

  • "The Global Sanitation Crisis" - a special issue of Notes d'Aigua from Fundació Agbar. Read more... (Posted 6 February 2009)

2008 News Items

  • Improve Food Security - Combine Productive Sanitation, Conservation Agriculture and Water Harvesting.  Seminar proceedings from the 2008 World Water Week including download links for the presentations.  Read more...  (Posted 19 December 2008) 

  • Financial Adviser job vacancy with WASTE. WASTE is leading partner in a number of programmes that aim to provide sanitation and solid waste management to the urban poor.  Read more...  (Posted 18 December 2008)

  • Planning and Implementation of Sustainable Sanitation in Peri/Semi-Urban Settings - A Need for Development of Existing Tools? Proceedings from the SEI/EcoSanRes2 Workshop held on 25-26 August, 2008 in Stockholm.  Read more and download the presentations... (Posted: 15 December 2008)

  • Seminar: Sustainable Water and Sewage in Sweden and Globally (Hållbart VA i Sverige och Världen. 4 December 2008, 09:30-15:30 van der Nootska Palatset, S:t Paulsgatan 21, StockholmA seminar hosted by the Swedish Water House (in Swedish) (Posted: 3 December 2008)

  • Latrines à compost: Des latrines hygiéniques à faible coût qui produisent du compost pour l’agriculture dans un contexte africain.  Peter Morgan's book "Toilets That Make Compost" is now available in French!  Launched at the NETSSAF conference in Burkina Faso, September 2008. Download a copy now! Read more... (Posted: 11 November 2008)

  • Pathways for Sustainable Sanitation - Achieving the Millennium Development Goals. A new publication from EcoSanRes, published by IWA.  Order your copy now! Read more... (Posted 29 October 2008)

  • New IFAD grant on sustainable sanitation and agriculture. The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has awarded a grant to CREPA and EcoSanRes to manage a project entitled "Testing a nutrient recycling system (Productive Sanitation Systems) in Niger with a view to measuring its potential for improving agricultural productivity". Read more...  (Posted: 10 September 2008)

  • Join EcoSanRes at the 2008 World Water Week in Stockholm, August 17-23. With 2008 as the International Year of Sanitation, EcoSanRes will have a strong presence at this year's World Water Week in Stockholm. Read more...  (Posted: 4 July 2008)

  • Introducing the African Sanitation Knowledge Network (ASKNet) - an African association of individuals, groups, institutions and organizations.  Visit the ASKNet website to learn more about the network and also to apply for membership!  Link to ASKNet website.  (Posted: 17 June 2008)

  • EcoSanRes Factsheets - revised and refreshed and a new factsheet #13.  EcoSanRes factsheets cover a wide range of ecosan information, from specific topics such as phosphorus to summaries of EcoSanRes publications.  List of EcoSanRes Factsheets...  (Posted: 16 May 2008)

  • EcoSanRes Publications now available in Spanish. Translations of three EcoSanRes Publications are now available in Spanish: 2004-1: Lineamientos para el Uso Seguro de la Orina y de las Heces en Sistemas de Saneamiento Ecológico; 2004-2: Lineamientos para el Uso de la Orina y de las Heces en la Producción de Cultivos; and 2006-1: Desviación de Orina: Un Paso Hacia el Saneamiento Sustentable. Download Spanish publications here.  (Posted: 18 April 2008)

  • "All-or-nothing targets for global access to basic amenities such as drinking water and sanitation are outdated. The time has come, says Jamie Bartram, for a more fluid approach."  Link to online article :: Download PDF (1,369 kb)  (Posted: 17 April 2008)

  • NETSSAF Conference: Pathways towards Sustainable Sanitation in Africa. 24-27 September 2008 in Burkina Faso.  The consortium of the Network for the development of Sustainable Approaches for large scale implementation of Sanitation in Africa (NETSSAF) cordially invites you to attend its International Conference titled "Pathways towards Sustainable Sanitation in Africa" to be held between the 24 - 27 September, 2008 at the Azalaï Hotel Independence Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.     Details...  (Posted: 16 April 2008)

  • Håkan Jönsson receives the Swedish Sustainable Sanitation Award  (Posted: 18 February 2008)

  • Multimedia Links: We are now listing a selection of multimedia links to audio and video clips relating to sustainable sanitation! (Posted: 25 January 2008)

  • Sanitation NOW - 2008A magazine on the global sanitation crisis, published by the Stockholm Environment Institute and the EcoSanRes Programme.  Special edition for 2008 UN International Year of Sanitation.  Available for download now!   (Posted: 14 January 2008)

  • Post Workshop Report - Obtaining Consensus on How Ecological Sanitation can be used to Address the MDGs in Sri Lanka: Planning the Way Forward [PDF 3.31MB]

  • PODCAST: "Hurry Up! 2.6 Billion People Want to Use the Toilet!!" - an interview with Arno Rosemarin on the need for sustainable sanitation [Interview Summary :: podcast (54 minutes) from Think Globally Radio

  • Sanitation in the News - IYS 2008 (external link) - An informative blog with links to source material spanning global sanitation news and reports which was started for IYS 2008.

  • Use a toilet and get paid money! - Users of a Community Compost Toilet in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India will receive payment for their use of the toilet from 15 January 2008.

News Items from 2007 and older


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