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Big, Sweet Tomatoes - Food Security and Productive Sanitation

The need for increased crop yields in Africa is driving farmers’ demand for fertiliser. Productive sanitation can play a key role in meeting this demand. This event will have a special focus on the IFAD-funded productive sanitation project in Niger which shows how agricultural productivity can be a driver for sanitation.

See the project factsheet [PDF: 1.47MB] for more details!

12:45 Introduction: Setting the Scene for Enhanced Food Security with a Focus on the African Context. Dr. Elisabeth Kvarnström, Node Development Manager, EcoSanRes Programme, SEI, Sweden
12:50 Mainstreaming Productive Sanitation Systems in the Agricultural Sector. Mr. Laurent Stravato, Technical Adviser, Water and Sanitation, IFAD, Italy [Presentation PDF: 856kb]
13:00 Agricultural Productivity as a Driver for Sanitation: The IFAD funded Project in Aguié, Niger. Mr. Linus Dagerskog, Project Coordinator AP-Aguié, CREPA HQ, Burkina Faso [Presentation PDF: 1.40MB]
13:10 Potential of Productive Sanitation Systems in Niger. Prof. Moussa Baragé, Head of Department, Faculty of Agronomy, Abdou Moumouni University, Niger [Did not present - see presentation PDF by Tandia: 981kb]
13:25 Tools for Nutrient Recycling and Soil Enhancement. Ms. Anna Richert, Director, Richert Miljökompetens, Sweden [Presentation PDF: 734kb]
13:30 Discussion: The Potential of Productive Sanitation. Moderator: Dr. Elisabeth Kvarnström
13:45 Close of Side Event



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