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Global MDG Challenge

2.5 billion with no sanitation
1.75 billion to be served by 2015

450 million new installations by 2015

15,000 installations per hour to 2015



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Currently indexes our publication series 2004-2006, Ecological Sanitation, and Toilets That Make Compost.

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Closing the Loop on Sanitation: ecological sanitation on a rural/single-story dwelling scale
:: Poster in English: small [GIF 169kb] :: large [PDF 4.02MB] :: press-quality [PDF 28.5MB] ::
:: Poster in Spanish: small [JPG 119kb] :: large [PDF 1.96MB] :: press-quality [PDF 39.7MB] ::

Closing the Loop on Sanitation: ecological sanitation on an urban dwelling scale
:: Poster in English: small [JPG 114kb] :: large [JPG 3850kb] :: press-quality [PDF 15.1MB] ::
:: Poster in Spanish: small [JPG 379kb] :: large [PDF 1.03MB] :: press-quality [PDF 17.5MB] ::


2010-1: Practical Guidance on the Use of Urine in Crop Production by Anna Richert, Robert Gensch, Håkan Jönsson, Thor-Axel Stenström and Linus Dagerskog. (PDF: 1.66MB) :: Español 2011-2(PDF1.42 MB) :: Français 2011-3 (PDF1,65 MB)

Ecological Sanitation: Revised and Enlarged Edition in Tamil [PDF: 3.78MB]

2009-1: Comparing Sanitation Systems Using Sustainability Criteria by By Maria Lennartsson, Elisabeth Kvarnström, Tommy Lundberg, Jacinto Buenfil and Ron Sawyer (PDF: 856kb)

Sanitation Policy in Ghana by Charles Thrift

Ecological Toilets by Peter Morgan (pre-production draft)

Toilets That Make Compost by Peter Morgan

An Ecological Approach to Sanitation in Africa:  A Compilation of Experiences by Dr. Peter Morgan, Aquamor, Harare, Zimbabwe

2006-1 Urine Diversion: One Step Towards Sustainable Sanitation. Kvarnström et al. 64p. (PDF. English 2.68 MB :: Español 5.32MB :: Português 3.72MB :: Russian 5.92MB)
2005-1 Review of Sanitation Regulatory Frameworks. Johansson & Kvarnström 60p. (PDF 1.4 MB)
2004. Ecological Sanitation. Revised and Enlarged Edition. SEI. 141p. (PDF 1.24 MB)
2004-1 Guidelines on  the Safe Use of Urine and Faeces in Ecological Sanitation Systems. Schönning and Stenström. 38 p. (PDF English 2.46 MB :: Español 1.72MB :: French 900kb :: Russian 3.35MB)
2004-2 Guidelines on the Use of Urine and Faeces in Crop Production. Jönsson et al. 35p. (PDF. English 2.26 MB :: Español 1.80MB :: French 844kb :: Português 350KB :: Russian 2.80MB)
2004-3 Open Planning of Sanitation Systems. Kvarnström and af Petersens. 34p. (PDF 1.22 MB)
2004-4 Introduction to Greywater Management. Ridderstolpe. 19p. (PDF 2.2 MB)
2004-5 Norms and Attitudes Towards Ecosan and Other Sanitation Systems. Drangert 32p. (PDF 0.97 MB)

Ecological Sanitation Pilot Project in Palestine - A Project Appraisal Oct 2002. Uno Winblad. PDF 566 kB

SanRes Final Report 2002. Uno Winblad PDF (776 kB)

Closing the Loop:
Ecological Sanitation for Food Security
Esrey, S. et al. UNDP. Sida. 2001

VINSANRES Ecosan  Demonstration Project Nha Trang Vetnam 1997-2000.  Appraisal October 2000.  Pham Si Nghien and Paul Calvert PDF (178 kB)

Ecological Sanitation (1998) Esrey et al. Sida. PDFs in English (1.27 MB) Spanish (1.24 MB) French (1.52 MB) Chinese (9.28 MB) Vietnamese (2 MB)


Teaching Ecological Sanitation in Schools

Teaching Ecological Sanitation in Schools (PDF 32.69 MB)
Ecosan in Schools 9 Fact Sheets (PDF 1.2 MB)
35 Presentations on Ecological Sanitation in Schools



International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation: Eco-Cities and Villages - on 26-31 August 2007 - Dongsheng, China

World Toilet Expo and Forum in Bangkok Nov 16-18, 2006
Media Coverage: "Bangkok sits up for World Toilet Expo"

Closing the Sanitation Loop: Innovative Approaches and Operational Strategies for a Systems Approach to Sustainable Sanitation
Convenors: Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Linköping University and Stockholm Water Company
World Water Week Stockholm, Sunday August 20, 09.00-17.00 Folkets Hus, Hall B
for more details on the World Water Week go to www.worldwaterweek.org
Dry Toilet 2006: The Second International Dry Toilet Conference, Tampere/Tammerfors, Finland, 16-19 August 2006 

Ecosan at the World Water Forum 4 in Mexico City March 16-22, 2006

3rd International Ecological Sanitation Conference
May 23-26, 2005 Durban, South Africa  http://conference2005.ecosan.org

2nd International Symposium on Ecological Sanitation
April 7-11, 2003 Lübeck, Germany

EcoSanRes at the 3rd World Water Forum, Kyoto March, 2003

World Summit on Sustainable Development - Water Dome
Water, Health & Poverty Day  Johannesburg, South Africa 2 September 2002

African Sanitation and Hygiene Conference Johannesburg, South Africa  29 July–1 Aug 2002

First International Conference on Ecological Sanitation - Nov 5-8, 2001 Nanning, China - Conference Report online PDF (64 kB) COMPLETE PROCEEDINGS

Ecological Alternatives in Sanitation Proc. Sida Sanitation Workshop. Ballingsholm (1997)

Additional Publications and Articles



Dedication to Dr. Steven Esrey


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