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Global MDG Challenge

2.5 billion with no sanitation
1.75 billion to be served by 2015

450 million new installations by 2015

15,000 installations per hour to 2015

Microbial Exposure and Health Assessments in Sanitation Technologies and Systems

Thor Axel Stenström, Razak Seidu,
 Nelson Ekane and Christian Zurbrügg

PDF (5.3 MB)


Upgrading the Blair VIP in Zimbabwe

A Simple Builder's Manual
Concept Explained and Methods of Toilet Construction

 by Peter Morgan


Trees as Recyclers of Nutrients from Human Excreta

by Peter Morgan

Teaching Ecological Sanitation and Menstruation Management in Schools
a series of manuals, presentations and fact sheets by Peter Morgan and Annie Kanyemba, Zimbabwe

Annie Shangwa and students at Chisungu Primary School, Epworth, Zimbabwe (Aquamor, Morgan)

The EcoSanRes (Ecological Sanitation Research) Programme aims to develop and promote sustainable sanitation in the developing world through capacity development and knowledge management as a contribution to equity, health, poverty alleviation, and improved environmental quality.

EcoSanRes is funded by Sida and is a member of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) and the African Sanitation Knowledge Network (ASKNet). A key outcome of the current phase of EcoSanRes is the creation of Knowledge Nodes. EcoSanRes is also a partner in the IFAD-funded project on productive sanitation in Aguié Province, Niger.

Stored urine ready for use on fields in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. (CREPA/Dagerskog)

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Recent News Items and Announcements
  • Practical Guidance on the Use of Urine in Crop Production by Anna Richert, Robert Gensch, Håkan Lönsson, Thor-Axel Stenström and Linus Dagerskog. Now in Spanish and French. (Posted Oct 26, 2011)

  • Africasan, Kigali, Rwanda (July 19-21, 2011) (link to presentations)
    Thematic Sessions and Side Events  (PDF)

    The Learning Network’s Approach to Sustainable Sanitation for All (PDF)
    Linkages Between Agriculture and Productive sanitation: Scaling Up Ecosan in Africa (PDF)

  • 4-IN-1 BIOGAS SYSTEMS A Field Study on SANITATION ASPECTS & ACCEPTANCE ISSUES in Chaoyang and Shenyang Municipalities, Liaoning Province. CHINA NODE FOR SUSTAINABLE SANITATION (CNSS). May 2011. Centre for Sustainable Environmental Sanitation, University of Science and Technology Beijing. 36p. (PDF 1.12 MB) (Posted 21 June 2011)

  • Proceedings of Gender and Communications Workshop for ESR Knowledge Nodes
    - 13-14 Sept 2010
    Read more... (Posted 11 May 2011)

  • Reuse Work in Niger Now Complemented with an IFAD Technical Advisory Note (TAN). The main outcomes and lessons learnt from the breakthrough work performed by PPILDA, CREPA and SEI on productive sanitation in Aguié Province of Niger is now available as an IFAD Technical Advisory Note (TAN). This note can facilitate the inclusion of productive sanitation initiatives in IFAD-supported programs in Niger and elsewhere. Read more... (Posted: 4 May 2011)

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