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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Ecological Sanitation
5-8 November 2001 Nanning, China

N.B. The Chinese versions require Adobe's Asian Font Pack on Adobe Reader 5.0 www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/acrrasianfontpack.html

Keynote Introductions
  • Steven Esrey: Ecosan - the Big Picture PDF 125 kB
  • Wang Rusong: System Consideration of Eco-Sanitation in China PDF 47 kB
Plenary Sessions
  • Thor-Axel Stenström: Reduction Efficiency of Index Pathogens in Dry Sanitation Compared with Traditional and Alternative Wastewater Treatment Systems PDF 33 kB

  • Pan Shunchang et al: Ecological Sanitation and Human Health PDF 18 kB

  • Mike Barrett: Groundwater and Sanitation: Nutrient Recycling and Waterborne Disease Cycles PDF 36 kB

  • Wei Bo: Rural Sanitation, Ecosystem and China Western Region Development Strategy PDF 36 kB Chinese version

  • Luo Daguang: Theory and Practice Behind the Development of Ecological Model Villages PDF 25 kB

  • Lin Jiang: Ecosan Development in Guangxi, China PDF 19 kB Chinese version

  • Roland Schertenleib: Principles and Implications of Household-centred Approach in Environmental Sanitation PDF 61 kB Chinese version

  • Luo Shiming: The Utilization of Human Excreta in Chinese Agriculture and the Challenge Ahead PDF 37 kB Chinese version

  • Håkan Jönsson: Source Separation of Human Urine - Separation Efficiency and Effects on Water Emissions, Crop Yield, Energy Usage and Reliability PDF 76 kB

  • Wang Mengjie: Biogas Technology and Ecological Environment Development in Rural China PDF 34 kB Chinese version

  • Liu Jiayi et al.: The Practice, Problems and Strategy of Ecological Sanitary Toilets with Urine Diversion in China PDF 30 kB Chinese version
Parallel Session A Nature Conservation, Agriculture, Health
  • Paul Calvert: Ecological Sanitation in India and Sri Lanka PDF 40 kB

  • Li Zifu et al.: Development of Source-Control Sanitation Systems in Germany PDF 31 kB Chinese version

  • Deepak Raj Gajurel et al: Newly Developed Medium-tech Decentralised Sanitation Concepts for Closing the Nutrient and Water Cycle PDF 72 kB Chinese version

  • Zhang Wudi et al: Comprehensive Utilization of Human and Animal Wastes PDF 35 kB Chinese version

  • Yang Guozheng: On Organic Agriculture PDF 35 kB Chinese version

  • Bekitemba Gumbo et al.: Inventory of Phosphorus Fluxes and Storage in an Urban-shed: Options for Local Nutrient Recycling PDF 33 kB Chinese version

  • Wang Jing: Urban Development and Human Excreta in the 21st Century PDF 19 kB Chinese version

  • Hans Schattauer et al: Experiences with Ecological Sanitation in Southwestern Uganda PDF 122 kB Chinese version

  • Dorothy Nyiraneza et al: Kisoro Town Ecological Sanitation, O&M Experience in Southwestern Uganda as Contribution to Water Resource Protection PDF 28 kB Chinese version

  • Edward Guzha: Ecological Sanitation Practice and Technology Development in Southern Africa and Zimbabwean Case Study PDF 77 kB Chinese version

  • Ned Breslin et al: Introducing Ecological Sanitation in Rural and Peri-urban Areas of Northern Mozambique PDF 87 kB Chinese version

  • Zhen Liu et al: Recent Development of Dry Toilets in Japan PDF 28 kB Chinese version

  • Thomas Redlinger et al: Ecological Toilets in Hot Arid Climates PDF 78 kB Chinese version

  • Annika Holmqvist et al: Survival of Ascaris suum Ova, Indicator Bacteria and Salmonella Typhimurium Phage 28B in Mesophilic Composting of Household Waste PDF 68 kB Chinese version

  • Aussie Austin: Health Aspects of Ecological Sanitation PDF 74 kB Chinese version

  • Caroline Schönning: Evaluation of Microbial Health Risks Associated with the Reuse of Source-Separated Human Urine PDF 59 kB

  • Christine Moe et al: Microbial Studies of Ecological Sanitation in El Salvador PDF 30 kB Chinese version

  • Bui Trong Chien et al: Biological Study on Retention Time of Microorganisms in Feacal Material in Urine-Diverting Eco-San Latrines in Vietnam PDF 52 kB Chinese version

  • Yang Lan et al: Observation on the Inactivation Effect on Ascaris suum Eggs PDF 20 kB Chinese version

  • Cui Lihua et al: Treatment and Utilisation of Septic Tank Effluent PDF 31 kB Chinese version
Parallel Session B Urban & Rural Settlements, Institutional Development, Promotion
  • Bieliu People's Government: Accelerate the Development of Rural Dry Ecological Sanitation PDF 22 kB Chinese version

  • Mayling Simpson-Hebert: Ecological Sanitation and Urban Sustainability PDF 44 kB Chinese version

  • Nguyen Thi Kim Thai: Improvement of Nightsoil Management for Hanoi PDF 24 kB Chinese version

  • Liu Yi et al.: Construction and Sanitary Effect of the '6-in-1' Toilet in Northern China PDF 37 kB Chinese version

  • Tang Jianjung et al: An Integrated Cropping-Livestock-Biogas-Dwelling Eco-Agro-Engineering (ILBDE) Model and its Functions for Ecological Sanitation Improvement in Rural China PDF 23 kB Chinese version

  • Deng Liangwei et al: Treatment of Public Toilet Wastewater by Biogas Septic Tank PDF 62 kB Chinese version

  • Tomonari Matsuda et al: Separation of Urine from Municipal Sewage for Prevention of Water Pollution PDF 18 kB Chinese version

  • Wang Yongzhi et al: Research and Application of a Biogas Decontamination System PDF 44 kB Chinese version

  • Yu Yigeng: Popularizing Eco-building - an Effective Way to Improve Urban Eco-environment and Implement Sustainable Development PDF 46 kB Chinese version

  • Xiao Chao: Develop Biogas to Improve the Environment and to Boost Continual and Rapid Development of the Rural Economy PDF 21 kB Chinese version

  • Naoyuki Funamizu et al: Fractioning Gray Water in the Differential Onsite Wastewater Treatment System PDF 89 kB Chinese version

  • George Anna Clark : Ecological Sanitation in Mexico: Strategies for Sustainable Replication PDF 38 kB Chinese version

  • Nguyen Hui Nga et al: The Vinasanres Project in Vietnam: Achievements and Future Plans PDF 34 kB Chinese version

  • Tang Hongshou et al: Appraisal of Demonstration Urine-Diverting Ecological Dry Toilets in China PDF 18 kB Chinese version

  • Tan Tieqiang et al: Status and Prospect of Toilet Reconstruction in Rural parts of Wuhan City PDF 24 kB Chinese version

  • Piers Cross and Lukman Salifu: Developing Partnerships for Effective Knowledge Sharing on Innovative Technologies PDF 33 kB Chinese version

  • Piers Cross and Lukman Salifu: Ecosan Opportunities in Africa PDF 37 kB Chinese version

  • J-O Drangert: What Would Make Ecosan a Privileged Solution? PDF 70 kB Chinese version

  • Andreas Knapp et al: Decentralised Approach - Ecological Sanitation Systems for Urban Development PDF 42 kB Chinese version

  • Petter Jenssen: Design and Performance of Ecological Sanitation Systems in Norway PDF 86 kB Chinese version

  • Ketil Haarstad et al: Evaluating Ecological Sanitation - A Socio-technical Approach PDF 24 kB Chinese version
  • Werner et al.: Ecosan - Closing the Loop in Wastewater Management and Sanitation - A New Supra-regional Project of GTZ PDF 23 kB Chinese version
  • Carolyn Hannan and Ingvar Andersson: Gender Perspectives on Ecological Sanitation. PDF 171 kB


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